Crop Insurance

Farm Sunrise

A Risk Management Tool. A Marketing Tool.

Every year, Steve Van Voorhis attends crop insurance seminars to understand the imminent changes that occur annually in the complex crop insurance coverages. Steve has been our crop specialist at Farm Country Insurance for well over 10 years. Having grown up on his family's farm, he has spent a lifetime in the farming community, and he continues to farm today. There are various options and plans that will make each farm’s crop insurance program different and Steve is willing to discuss these with you to help you make the right choices.

• Revenue Protection policies have taken crop insurance to a new level, making crop insurance an integral part of any marketing plan.
• Precision Farming Options
• LGM-Dairy helps to manage the risk of falling milk prices and/or rising feed costs. It is a Federal Crop Insurance program for dairies.
• Add more security to your marketing plans by guaranteeing both upside and downside revenues, with a minimum revenue guarantee.
• Protect income from yield or revenue loss.

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