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Dairy farm insurance is our specialty and focus. We are keenly aware of the many complexities of dairy farming, as well as how to best cover and protect your family, your assets and your workers. (we can help you with your workers comp!) For over 30 years, Farm & Country has been the agent for numerous New York State Dairies, milking anywhere between 65 and 6500 head. Our line-up of knowledgeable, professional agents paired with competitive and specialized insurance companies allows us to quote and compare various coverages including:

• Up to $10,000,000 Liability Umbrella
• $1,000,000 Manure Pollution coverage included
• Milk Contamination coverage
• Substantial Quality Milk Discount (up to 25%)
• Multiple entities under one umbrella

We also offer policies for your crops, trucking operations, homeowners, family/commercial auto, landlord liability, and much more. Call for an appointment with the farm insurance experts at Farm & Country Insurance Agency today.

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